Reassign key slots

It would be nice to reorder/reassign my key slots. If I am reorganizing my only key and say, want to move 5a to 3a, it would be nice to somehow reassign it rather than wiping slots, then re-adding everything. Since the slot editor shows only blanks when I edit an existing slot, it makes it hard to recreate an existing entry other than purely from scratch.


Yes, this would be a great addition.

Just write in a text editor to get:
Label, Username, URL, Password
Unfortunately not TOTP. So I think your reassign idea is great.
Or write out the TOTP field in the text editor. That’s the hardest part of reassign/rewriting.

  • Hold button #2 for 5+ seconds to type out slot labels in a text editor.

I’d love this too. I realise it might not be easy to implement though, because the moving would have to all happen inside the OnlyKey, because the data can’t be read out by the app…