Radio buttons in preferences just show default values

I want to change “HMAC User Input Mode” from the default “Button press required” to “Button press not required”.

So I put the OnlyKey in config mode (the red LED is flashing), and under “Preferences” I change the setting and click the button “Set HMAC User Input Mode”. I see “Successfully set HMAC Challenge Mode”, and the radio button shows “Button press not required”.

I unplug the key, plug it again, and enter the primary PIN. Under “Preferences”, the radio button shows “Button press required”, so nothing changed!

Why does the setting not change?

(Latest version of both firmware and OnlyKey software on Windows.)

Because the app is just for setting values to your OnlyKey, there is no way for the app to read the values from your OnlyKey that would be a security issue.

Thanks, it does make sense. However, I still think the UI behaves in an unintuitive way, especially for new users. Perhaps there could be some note about that in the interface, or at least the documentation? I see that you changed my title above – I think this title would be a pretty good note on the expected behavior in the UI.