Challenge code in WebCrypt App

Can I disable 3 digit challenge code in WebCrypt App?
Like the settings in the OnlyKey app for the OnlyKey SSH/GPG agent: Setting Derived Key User Input Mode or Setting Stored Key User Input Mode to Button Press Required.

I’ve tried the WebApp several times. I am always too slow to enter the 3 numbers in 10 seconds. :woozy_face:

Yes you can change derived challenge mode in the app preferences this works for webapp and agent.

Damn, am I too stupid? Have changed several times to Button Press Required (I tried in Config Mode on the 1st and 2nd profile)
But I always have to enter the 3 numbers in the web app.

App v5.3.1 on Debian 8, 9 & 10 - OnlyKey Firmware v2.1.0-prod from OnlyKey Standard Edition firmware

The worst is: OnlyKey is sold out at :frowning: