Protocol name / description to interact with the OnlyKey (for crypt / decrypt /sign)


I have tried the application at

It appears that the WEB browser interacts directly with the OnlyKey.

Therefore, I assume that the protocol used by the WEB browser to interact with the OnlyKey is a standard (since I don’t have to install any kind of add-on to use the OnlyKey from the WEB browser).

Could you give me the name of this protocol ? And if you have, could you give me a link to the protocol description ? (an RFC, I suppose)

I ask you this question because I’d like to develop an (open source) application for crypt / decrypt / sign using the OnlyKey (not right now, though).



FIDO2, we do have a 3rd party API we are working on that you can use (its not PGP that is limited to only the domain for security reasons). The 3rd party api allows encrypting/decrypting/signing using keys that are derived per domain i.e. if your web app is the keys are unique to that site and completely different for

Thank you.

I’ll look at it.