OnlyKey app failing to parse non OpenPGP RSA key


I’m trying to save my private RSA key to the OnlyKey using the OnlyKey app on Windows 10. I put the device into config mode, paste my key into the box, set the password, and click “Save to OnlyKey” but then a red error message appears below the buttons that says: “Error parsing RSA key: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘decrypt’ of undefined”.

Being able to store RSA keys on a hardware device was a huge reason why I purchased this. Any help would be appreciated.

Bah, I didn’t read the instructions close enough. I was trying to load in a non GPG key. Found my answer here:

Hope this can help someone else.

Yes, currently the app uses OpenPGP.js to parse PGP/GPG keys so only OpenPGP compatible keys can be loaded. We are expanding this a bit for the next release OnlyKey will work with both RSA and ECC PGP keys (i.e. X25519 PGP key used in Protonmail). Our web app will also work with these keys as well as a new onlykey-gpg for local GPG agent. That release is scheduled for October.

Awesome! Glad to hear that. Thanks for the quick response.