OpenPGP API interface - is it OpenPGP card 3.4 specification?


I’m back after a long absence. I finally have time to work on a personal project.

I’d like to write a software that uses the OnlyKey as a secure cryptographic engine.

Can you just point me to the specification that describes the API I should implement in order to use the implementation of OpenPGP integrated in the OnlyKey ?

I guess that this document is the specification, but I am not sure :

My goal is to use Rust. So I could build a library in Rust.



OnlyKey is not an OpenPGP smart card. It supports OpenPGP through the OnlyKey GPG agent. So you could create an app that uses GnuPG and that would use OnlyKey.


Thank you for your response.

I’ve read the documentation quickly, but I don’t see clearly what this agent is and how it interacts with the key.

I’ll dig more.