Pass support for Duo


Is it possible to use an OnlyKeyDuo with the standard UNIX password manager pass?

To date I use a YubiKey to unlock pass entering an alphanumeric password in the first instance to unlock things. Is such a setup (or similar) possible with a Duo? I see there are other password managers supported which will be great for getting others in my family setup (despite my best efforts they don’t use *NIX-like OS’s). I however do use them exclusively and am curious if I can replace my Yubikey with one of the Duo’s I’ve now purchased.

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Yes, here is how you use pass with OnlyKey:

Documentation here - OnlyKey SSH/GPG agent | Docs

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Brilliant, thank you, for some stupid reason I had it in my head to store all the passwords on the OnlyKey, not the GPG key to unlock them. Quite why I don’t know because Yubikey’s work the same by storing the GPG key. I’m just an idiot at times!