No LED response on Samsung S20, but fine on Win10

I’ve been using Onlykey for 3 years. No problem. Suddenly I can’t use it on my phone after a firmware update. I’ve tried it with two keys. One old and one brand new. No problem with my onlykeys on my computers.

I’ve always had the lights flicker when I put it into my phone (using a USB to USB-c converter, and have tried several of them). Now the lights are dead. Only sign of life is that my Samsung S20 tells me it’s detected a new keyboard, but I could not manage to activate it. No it gives no such notification. I’ve been through all the keyboard settings on my phone. No onlykey to find.

Anyone have an idea of how to solve this?

Do you have the LED not working on just the old or the newer OnlyKey too?

Do you have the old OnlyKey Android app? (that was discontinuted a couple of years ago and may interfere)

If its just the LED being off, if you were to press your PIN on OnlyKey even thought the LED is off does that work?

It does not work on any of the keys. New or old.

I don’t have the Onlykey app installed. When I got the S20 I transferred all apps and settings from the old S8. It had Onlykey installed. But I can not find it on the new phone, so I doubt that it’s transferred/installed.

The key does not react to anything. No lights, no reaction to correct pin. Except for a single notification, indicating that some kind of keyboard was plugged in.

If you plug in a USB keyboard does that work? OnlyKey should be detected as a keyboard so if one works the other should too.