Funny thing today - OnlyKey app morphed

Please don’t ask how this can be reproduced. No idea. After several years on different Debian systems, I have this effect for the first time.

Did you download an older version of the application?

Or, perhaps this is a bug in the newest and most up-to-date release?

No, github notification arrived 10.06.2021 and download/installed OnlyKey App v5.3.3 on 12.06.21. All keys have the latest firmware 2.1.1-prod
I think the key had no real contact. I had 2 laptops next to each other and the key was pushed up a little.

someone has to clean up here again :upside_down_face:

Nice, you found the easter egg! Its actually that the latest app has preliminary support for the new OnlyKey hardware model that will be released in the next month or so. Here is a preview of what that will look like


Thanks t11 for leaking this picture! It looks great.
As soon as we are able to order or preorder I Will buy some !

Most of us got the mail on Sep 7, 2021 and know (maybe pledged) it: onlykey-duo

That thing looks just like tiny Solokey Somu. But with all the features that Solokey never finished. 3 button usage, GPG, …

@all I have a lot of U2F security keys. OnlyKey is the only one that is further developing its firmware and app and offering new features. The backup function and importing into other keys is also rarely available. At the giant company Yubikey you have to keep buying new keys when there are bugs or new features. OnlyKey is only a 3 people startup.


Thanks @Mango_Mungo for the clarifications.
I pledged several of those + a non duo one.
Now let’s just wait a few months for our team of magicians to make this happen :blush:
And yes I am very very impress about what a 3 people startup can do!

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Nice info: We can upload our backup from the ‘old’ OnlyKey in OnlyKey-Duo
OnlyKey Duo Github

I like to use these little keys in my laptops. They can always stay in, even when you’re on the move.
Once it is stuck in the USB slot, it is difficult to get it out again! :sweat_smile: