Do you have some news about upcoming new only key ? :)

Hi Onlykey staff and Tim,

I read somewhere in you blog page “We are in the final phases of testing a new, more portable USB-A & USB-C OnlyKey hardware platform and expect to have some news about launch in late 2020 / early 2021. Stay tuned!”.

Do you plan to provide some feedback about this soon :slight_smile: ?
Is this going to be an hardware only redesign or is this coming with new capabilities?

Thanks a lot in advance, and sorry to bother you with my question.
I wish you the best for your next new product!

Me too. I have the same questions in mind.

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Hi t11,

No answer so far :thinking: . Sorry to insist, but I and others would really like to know.

Thanks again in advance for taking this topic into consideration.