How to set up on mobile phone

I’m not very technical but have set up OnlyKey on my laptop - works well but cannot seem to set it up on my mobile phone.
There was a different URL so I set up a new slot for my email on mobile phone using mobile URL.
It got to the URL. I tapped on screen in Username box but nothing happened. Also tried Tab and Return but still would not enter my user name.
Any halp would be appreciated.

My problem is similar, love Onlykey for desktops & laptops. I was sure when I bought it that it worked using an OTG adapter USB3 to USBC for the phone. But now it won’t work on the same phone - Samsung A325G, it’s as though the Onlykey is not getting power from the phone. Could be a stupid user, could be Android settings/changes/updates. No LED light. No clue. If anyone can recommend an avenue forward it would be super appreciated!

If there is no LED light than the device is not physically connected to phone. Here are some possible reasons:

  • Case on phone is large and does not allow OnlyKey to plug in fully
  • Defective adapter
  • Custom settings on device do not allow plugging in USB devices

Correct you are. When I bought the Onlykey I bought several OTG adapters from their website also. None of their adapters are functional, that I bought, perhaps they were sold a batch of a million defective adapters. Anyway I got some USB3 to USBC OTG adapters from “Amazon Basics” and they are all perfect. Amazon has the clout to buy large quantities and obtain quality merchandise most of the time, have had great luck with their basics anyway. Once again, OnlyKey, on Android now, totally awesome.

Had the same issue with only key duo, got some cheap 1$ USBC otg adapter and it works perfectly. I’ll check out Amazon ones too if u recommend them