How to end config mode

how do you end config mode, after you finish programing a slot?

Remove device, reinsert device. You don’t need to put device into config mode to program a slot unless you have enabled sysadmin mode.

I cannot program a slot, unless I go into Config.
I’ve tried.

And thanks for the remove & reinsert.

Then you must have enabled sysadmin mode in preferences

yes I did;
thought it was the only way to add TABs.
Should I disable it?

I’ve been programming all the slots in config mode;
does it affect them, if I disable sysadmin mode?

If you want tabs, you can use [SPACE]\t[SPACE] in a field to add one TAB even not in sysadmin mode.

Thanks , Thought it was otherwise.

In fact, adding a Tab inside the OnlyKey app’s password manager UI, doesn’t need the device to be in sysadmin mode at all.