Expand CLI Features

Hi, I’ve seen you comment in places that the nw.js app is a pain to package and support. I was wondering if firmware loading and other nw.js app features could be built into the python app to ease the maintenance burden? Thanks!

Currently the CLI app is for advanced user’s and for automation/scripting. We will continue to improve it but currently firmware loading is not supported in the CLI, only the Desktop App.

I can’t run the App on my machine because my libc is musl. I want to upgrade my firmware (currently v0.2-beta.8c) so that I can take advantage of the secondary profile (which doesn’t seem possible with v0.2-beta.8c). Is there any way for me to get the more recent firmware on my device so that I can use these new features?

The CLI does not support firmware upgrade feature. To upgrade your firmware you must use the OnlyKey App, there are instructions in the upgrade guide for installing app and upgrading firmware - https://docs.crp.to/upgradeguide.html

For your mention of needing to upgrade in order to use a second profile this is not the case, multiple profiles are already supported in your firmware version, to set up your OnlyKey with multiple profiles you would just follow the wizard in the app when setting up your device - https://docs.crp.to/usersguide.html