Does Only Key Disable or Break Windows Credential Manager?

I installed onlykey configuration software and plugged in onlykey on my windows 10 machine. Since doing so my windows credential manager no longer saves passwords long term so all password applications are constantly asking me for login info that is deleted somehow from Windows Credential manager. If I resave it it deletes it again shortly after. Also it now makes my password manager trigger 2 factor auth requirements several times a day when it originally was set to only be required once per new device set up. Did this mess with some type of group policy setting or something? How do I get it back to how it was as this is unacceptable for me.

Thank you,

@smower Is it possible that something else was done around the same time that might have caused this issue? OnlyKey is a hardware device which does not integrate with the Windows credential manager at all. The app is also not integrated with this. OnlyKey is seen by the local computer as just a keyboard. It seems that something else must have been the cause of this issue.

Do you know if there is group policy settings or something that remove passwords after specified amount of time?

@smower I am not aware of anything like that but its possible that there is one, or maybe Microsoft introduced a new feature. One way to eliminate OnlyKey or the OnlyKey app as a possible source of this issue would be to uninstall the OnlyKey app. If the issue still occurs then its likely group policy or something else on the system.

I did already uninstall the onlykey app. But I did have the issue after uninstalling still. So far today it hasn’t reset them yet.

@smower It would be safe to assume OnlyKey isn’t the issue here then. Maybe Microsoft support can help or there are other user’s experiencing this due to a recent Windows update.