Removal of Onlykey software/key from computer

Hi, I am new to the Onlykey world so please bare with me…
I want to remove the Onlykey service and key from use on the current machine (Win 10) and then install onto the new laptop. I can do the install stuff but I want to do a “clean” removal for the old machine. I have tried to unistall but when rebooting it asks for the key and pin etc again. There is NO ifon on how to remove it completely on the Onlykey site (that I can find), I did a “self destruct / reset” but it still asks me to go through the complete setup again on the old machine.
Is it possible to remove it completely? If how (in simple terms please)?
Thanks in advance, David

The only information that resides on your computer is the OnlyKey App. You would just uninstall the app to completely remove everything.

The information that resides on your OnlyKey is portable and works on any computer. So if you save a password to your OnlyKey that password can be used anywhere you plug in OnlyKey.