Crostini support


Do you know if it 's possible to support onlykey in Linux container ( Crostini ) ? if yes , I will appreciate instructions to do it.

I’m sure you could. The main thing would be that the host is able to pass-through the USB device to the container. If the device shows up with lsusb and the UDEV rule is applied then the OnlyKey CLI should work fine Using OnlyKey with Linux | Docs

not lisred wirh lsusb and permission denied to applu UDEV rules, any idea ? but works with ChromeOS (Chrome Extension ) . Idea is to anticpate extension end of life.

I don’t currently have a chromebook with crostini to test. I found this, there would need to be a way to share/attach USB device.

Already tried, device is not listed under “Manage USB Devices” …

It may be that only USB mass storage devices are supported in Crostini, OnlyKey shows up as a USB HID device (A keyboard)