Can you Store OpenPGP and SSH2 key on OnlyKey

So basically I have set up my ONLYKEY for an OpenPGP (which is from protonmail) and it works great, However, since it is not recognized by puttygen and you need a ppk or a pem for some ssh sites like AWS, I need to store an SSH2 Key that is generated by puttygen on ONLYKEY as well.

My question is: Can you store an OpenPGP key and an SSH2 key on the same ONLYKEY?

Also, How do I know in which slot is my OpenPGP installed? (I used auto)

@t11 Can you answer my post please

Details on advanced key loading here - Import keys from Keybase, Protonmail, and GPG | Docs

Here is how stored keys work - OnlyKey SSH/GPG agent | Docs

Currently only OpenPGP and OpenSSH keys are supported. To use multiple SSH keys just follow instructions for stored keys.

So i can store an OpenSSH key and An Open PGP key at the same ONLYKEY?

Yes, up to 16 ECC keys can be stored

I tried every version of key from puttygen

I get this error all the time: Error parsing PGP key: Cannot read property 'decrypt' of undefined

could you please create a video guide perhaps or a snippet of text on how can I do it properly on windows.

I made an example of a key using Linux, and windows using the guide you provided and
Still not working.

The key slot is still on “Auto Load”. Did you try to select an ECC slot manually?


For loading openssh keys you will need to use version 5.3.1 of the app which is currently only released for Linux -

This will be supported on Windows in our next app release 5.3.2

I have downloaded version 5.3.1 for linux but i have no idea how to add the rsa key, it shows the same error as before

can you tell me how you did it on linux? maybe im doing it wrong.

Did you try creating keys with OpenSSH? What version of Openssh and what options are you using?