How to store SSH2 key on OnlyKey

I have set up my ONLYKEY for an OpenPGP key and it works great, However, since it is not recognized by puttygen and you need a ppk or a pem for some ssh sites like AWS, I need to store an SSH2 Key that is generated by puttygen on ONLYKEY as well.

How can I store an SSH2 key on ONLYKEY?

I know that I need version 5.3.1 which is available only on Linux, but i have no idea how to actually store the key.

Can someone demonstrate it with a video or maybe a new SSH2 key so I know what to do please?


@t11 some help please

Here is the guide on how to do that - OnlyKey SSH/GPG agent | Docs

The Mac and Windows apps v5.3.2 also support this - Release OnlyKey App v5.3.2 · trustcrypto/OnlyKey-App · GitHub

@t11 Thank you, I successfully saved it to slot 3, now how can I use that key to sign in into aws ec2 or use it to sign messages with?

The one that is here: OnlyKey SSH/GPG agent | Docs shows how to create a key and use it, but i want to use the one I saved (unless I don’t know how it really works).

Please respond at your earliest convenience.

If you stored to slot 3 it sounds like you created an RSA key so you would use it like this:

@t11 Sorry I meant ECC3 is where I stored it

If you stored to ECC slot 3 (103) and the key type is nist256p1 you would use it like this:

If its key type ed25519, that is the default you would just remove the “-e nist256p1”