Being able to Add unlimited # of characters in each field

Add unlimited number of characters in each field.

I’m not one of the developers, so take this with a grain of salt.

I’m willing to bet the character limit is based on a memory limitation. This isn’t unique to OnlyKey though, any hardware key is going to have a limit of some kind. 56 characters is pretty decent in my opinion, especially considering how many web sites I come across that have a smaller limit, even though they could theoretically hold as many characters as they want (assuming they’re hashing the password correctly).

If you wish for something; go for broke,
just kidding.
Of the 24 slots I’ve programed, only 6 are complete.
The rest I’m unable to configure correctly because of the lack of characters to write, or TABs to insert.
I understand that ‘unlimited’ is not possible;
but it is possible to at least triplicate the 56 characters; and set a field for the number of TABs.

This is not possible because the device has limited storage space.

But I think the number of characters should not be limited by the field, but there is shared storage space between the fields of each slot. This can reduce a lot of waste.

This is correct, we would not be able to increase number of characters in a field due to hardware limitations. You can use multiple fields though, some people use this for things like cryptocurrency keys that are 64 characters.

Well, maybe adding a few millimeters on each side, would make room for more memory.