V3 Tor addresses are more than 56 digits

It is not possible to reach a v3 .onion page with only key, with 56 digits it misses exactly the .onion in the end.


Interesting, how common are v3 addresses I have not seen many of those? A possible workaround would be to put the TOR address into the username field with the .onion in the password field. You could also use options listed here - OnlyKey User's Guide | Docs

Yes, thanks, I am playing around with the advanced options now.
Selfhosting of services does make use of v3 a lot.

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Very common :sweat_smile: v2 will be deactivated in a few weeks. I only have v3 hidden services. Onion Service version 2 deprecation timeline

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This really should be looked into.

The 56 Character limit on field entries is too restrictive, increasing this to 128 or 256 characters at the expense of slightly increased encryption/decryption time is a worthwhile tradeoff in my personal opinion.

I say this as increasing this character limit would allow for the OnlyKey to be used against many URL’s of an extended length without the need for potentially invasive link shortners outside of the OnlyKey platform itself.

Perhaps an option to choose a maximum character length either during intial setup OR from the advanced options menu, up to say 512 characters (if possible) would be the best way of handling this?
Providing a note stating that increasing the character length would increase encryption & decryption times with the OnlyKey as the trade-off in such a scenario (Plus any other tradeoffs that may come with it).