"Wait for touch" option after typing URL

Request: an option to wait for a physical touch after typing a slot’s URL and before the credentials.
Here’s a simple mockup (I changed the line immediately after URL):

Expected behaviour:

  • When the “Touch key” option is selcted, on touching the slot OnlyKey types the URL and enters waiting mode (e.g.: yellow fade in and fade out). When the website is done loading, the user has the option to click on the login button, or focus the text field, and only start the rest of the logon procedure by touching the OnlyKey when the browser is ready to receive the information.

Examples where this could come in handy (from my brief personal experience):

  • I set up a slot with an URL and configure it on my computer to automatically type username, password, etc. I use another browser or a different resolution and the layout changes. The TABs and ENTERs I hardcoded into username and password fields don’t work anymore.

  • I use an older computer that takes a lot of time to load even the simplest login page. Loading the page takes so long that the password is entered in clear text in the user account text field for everyone around me to see.


Really good feature! For me, my computer is slow and sometimes the site just won’t load in my set time and it may mess up a lot by typing the credential anywhere… It also unexpected credential typeout caused by accidental touch

Outstanding idea!
This is the reason I don’t fill in URL- there’s too much variability in how quickly a page loads.
The credentials then get typed somewhere else other than the login fields.
Having this touch feature would be really great.