LED indication of browser waiting for touch

I could have sworn that previously, when a website was waiting for me to touch my security key to register it for two-factor, the Onlykey LED would flash yellow the same way as it does when waiting for the touch for HMAC with KeepassXC. I spent about half an hour today trying to figure out why my browser wasn’t recognizing it as a key anymore because I was trying to set it up for - well, actually, for this forum - and it didn’t occur to me to try tapping a button without that indicator. Now I’m not sure I’m remembering that correctly.

Did it ever do that, and should it still be doing that?

Here are the LED definitions, it flashes blue for FIDO U2F

Aha! Thanks. After further testing, it seems when I have profile 1 unlocked it behaves as expected for FIDO U2F, and when I have profile 2 unlocked it blinks once very briefly when the request initiates (which is probably how I failed to notice) and then stays solid blue. Having seen the way it behaves from profile 1 now, I wonder if what it’s actually doing is switching back and forth between blue and the current profile color…which was already blue? (shot in the dark there)

Meanwhile, I think what I had seen before was the FIDO2 indicator - except because I use HMAC much more often, I had forgotten it was a different color and a blink rather than a throb; I just remembered it as similar.

Maybe I should switch my profiles…for convoluted reasons I ended up putting everything on profile 2 and barely using profile 1.

I should probably also consider trying to get everything out of Akamai MFA/Krypton Authenticator since having to enable/disable the extensions depending on whether I want to use that or a physical key is kind of a pain, and the Akamai in-extension toggle doesn’t always seem to work.

I’m going off on a tangent, I shall stop there.