Restore overwrites information but does not wipe existing data

I have two OnlyKeys, let’s call them A and B.
A and B start out in the identical state with both slot 2a and 2b filled.
I went to Key A and deleted the contents of slots 2a and 2b.
I backed up Key A.
I then restored the backup from Key A to Key B.

Expected Result: Slots 2a and 2b on Key B will be empty
Actual Result: Key B still had the old values in slots 2a and 2b


A restore overwrites information on your key but it does not wipe your key. So your backup from Key A contained no information for Slot 2 but your Key B had information in slot 2, the restore will not erase your data on Key B. This helps prevent inadvertently wiping data while doing a restore.