Primary/Secondary Backup Question

When I do a backup while authenticated with my primary pin, does that backup include the slots in the secondary? (I am not using plausible deniability)

Similarly if I backup while in the secondary profile, does that also capture the slots from the primary profile?

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I did some testing using two Onlykeys.
Backup from one and restored to the other. Wiping before every restore.
Here are some observations.

Non-plausible deniability:

  • Backups from either primary or secondary profile restores both profiles
  • Can enter config mode with either PIN. From primary profile, I successfully entered config mode using secondary PIN, and vice versa.

Plausible deniability:

  • In secondary profile, trying to use backup/slot-label/config mode fail with red blinking LED
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@akraut Yes backup/restore backs up and restores your entire OnlyKey

@dviz Red blinking LED means you can’t do that. Backup/restore in either the international travel edition or the plausible deniability profile is not supported because they don’t use encryption -

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