[RESOLVED] App "Inactivity Lockout Timer" bug

Hope this is the correct forum -

App v5.3.4
OnlyKey v2.1.2-prodc
Linux 4.15.0-189-generic (x86_64)

The App “Inactivity Lockout Timer” field states that a ‘0’ value will deactivate the lockout; however, entering ‘0’ results in the error “Value must be greater than or equal to 1”.

EDIT: Upon further experimentation, it appears whatever value is entered in that field is ignored/not saved.

RESOLUTION: PEBCAK. Apparently I was attempting to multi-task between multiple windows, and realized I was pressing ‘ENTER’ , instead of the ‘SET’ button. App appears to be working as designed, once the ID10T factor was removed…

My apologies for the false alarm.


Glad you were able to resolve this. There is a newer version of the app available v5.3.6.