Onlykey stopped working with on September 20th, 2022

I’ve been successfully using my Onlykey for 2 factor with my account via Firefox until they upgraded on September 20, 2022. The site tells me I need to reregister my key. I follow their steps exactly but on the last step, it says touch your Onlykey to verify it’s you. I do that and then it just fails back to the first step saying you must reregister your Onlykey. I’ve seen mentioned in a few places that only accepts Yubikey but I’ve been using my Onlykey successfully until September 20, 2022. Anybody here experienced this?

The only thing I can think of here is there may have been a transition from FIDO U2F (the old standard) to FIDO2 (the new standard). Are you able to re-register your OnlyKey at in another browser?

I am seeing the same thing; using both Firefox (106.02) and Edge (106.0.1370.52).

They did a transition to FIDO2 on Sept. 20 based on the e-mail that I received and ignored. It still has my original registration as a U2F (based on the URL strings: Log on to - personal investors ); which it doesn’t allow me to delete.

I tested the OnlyKey FIDO2 against the Yubico Demo page (Yubico demo website) and no apparent errors there. Device was identified as unknown.

I’m probably missing something simple here.

Unfortunately, Vanguard only supports Yubikey currently. It was probably working because with the older browser this didn’t support FIDO2 so the site failed back to U2F. If you could contact Vanguard and ask their support if they support security keys other than Yubikey now or plan to in the future we could get some clarity here.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll ask them about it and post back here.