Onlykey and eBay

A few days ago I received an e-mail from eBay that they ‘improved’ security with as a result that I was locked out for several days. I would like to configure 2FA with my onlykey.
However, for some reason it is not straightforward with me to set it up.
Could someone who already did it give me some help ?

My main question is to know if I need to unlock the key before starting the procedure or if it is not needed?

These are the steps I followed (sorry I am not allowed to add screenshots since I am a new user)
set up your key

set up your key to login as xxx on ebay
—> do I need to do anything in this step ? I just clicked OK.

continue with the installation. With this ebay can read the brand and model of the key.
I just clicked OK.

Tap your key or insert it.
I tapped it (without unlocking it first)

After the first tap I immediately get a message questioning if I am still there.

Then I get a ‘something went wrong’ message.

When I repeat the procedure after I logged in to the onlykey, I get this message:

‘too many tries with a wrong pincode’ (??? which pincode?)

‘If again you use a wrong pin, the device (PC ? onlykey ?) will be locked. Please contact your IT support first’

What did I miss ?


Here is the users guide which explains how to use OnlyKey OnlyKey User's Guide | Docs

OnlyKey must unlock first. is still in the 90s. No TOTP, U2F or Fido2 :frowning:

2FA in general, don’t forget a backup. OnlyKey + TOTP App andOTP
Or set up multiple keys like on Github. OnlyKey + NitroKey + SoloKey (+OnlyKey Backup and 2nd OnlyKey)

andOTP is currently not maintained. But the App can do everything you need, especially OpenPGP encrypted backups. Alternative: FreeOTPPlus

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