1Password does not recognize Onlykey

I have recently migrated to 1Password and quickly set up MFA…the only thing is, 1Password does not seem to recognize Onlykey (or vice versa?). I have Onlykey set up on several accounts (Dropbox, Paypal, etc. - along with a Yubikey). While I was able to get Yubikey set up with 1Password - and the Onlykey documentation says it works with 1Password - but I could not get Onlykey to configure to this account. I’ve tried it several different ways, with and without entering my pass code, et al. What’s the trick?

OnlyKey is just like any other FIDO security key, like Yubikey. You do have to unlock OnlyKey first to register it though, OnlyKey requires the on-device PIN to unlock device.