Mimicing RSA SecureID app?

Today we use the RSA securID mobile app to generate a OTP for our VPN. I would love to get rid of this app and then use the onlyKey as OTP generator for this.
Is there any way to do this? I guess we would have to know the seed value or?

I think RSA secureID uses their own proprietary OTP generation intentionally to ensure its not possible to use 3rd party devices. If there is an open source implementation that anyone is aware of we could try it but I don’t think this is going to work.

Edit: I found this - https://github.com/cernekee/EasyToken. If that works for you then it would be possible.

I have just tested the EasyToken App and it actually works. Not great looking but it works. One detail is that the seed is read from a QR code so we need to figure out how to get that into the onlykey. It is probably just a long string of some sort, but it is inputed via a small webserver on that the app opens.

Also note the CLI version at https://github.com/cernekee/stoken