LED is solid blue when logged in to second profile

When logging into the primary profile, everything goes as described. The LED pulses green a few times, then remains solid green while logged in.

However, when logging into the secondary profile, the LED turns blue instead of green once the green pulsing stops.

Is this an undocumented feature, a bug, or is it just described somewhere I haven’t found?

Yes, new feature - https://crp.to/2020/10/onlykey-fall-2020-update/
“Primary Profile and Secondary Profile LED Color”

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Got it. Would be nice if one could set it to always just be green though, for added obfuscation for onlookers.

It would stay green if you used a plausible deniability profile but there isn’t obfuscation features in the standard profiles. With the different color a user knows what profile they have unlocked and don’t accidentally press 1 for their work profile when they wanted 1 for their personal profile.

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Huh. I must have glanced over that little blurb in the fall update.

It appears my OK has been defective this entire time then. It’s NEVER glowed green. Newest firmware, on the 2ndary profile it stays a solid blue as expected, but no light at all on the primary.

@schlomie OnlyKey uses an RGB (red/green/blue) LED so if there is no green on yours it is possible a hardware issue where the green element is defective.

Yup, that’s was I suspect. Beyond the green LED I haven’t had any issues with any of its usability.