Hardware : physical buttons?

Has someone find, or could we imagine, a more “rigid / solid” hardware enclose as the actual USB-stick ?
Thinking at a small case with real buttons (and not the “touch” areas that seems do make fold the USB-stick if one push too hard on the contact area (because big fingers for example…))
I could dream of a hardware case with an USB-cable, and “real” buttons ?
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

You could to buy a design in 3D case

Is there something like that (other than the " Color Protective Case" that we already have) ?

If you have a 3D printer you can try a plastic case:

Probably can design in metal or other desing if you know do it :slight_smile:

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i printed a couple of those cases from thingiverse with petg.
been working great for more than 6 months no wear or tear.
i do only wear on chain around neck so not much wear to begin with

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In fact, we need a “maker” that could combine the “only-key” as it is, but hack the small “buttons” inside a case with a real keyboard outside, something like at the left
or, lets dream limitless…, inside a raspberry pi with a small touch screen at right ? :slight_smile:

So The “Only-Key” functionality and security kept untouched, but the user-interface got more attractive

do not block on the logo of microsoft, a 3D version would of course be better :slight_smile:
(Source : https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=97667.0)

Ideas also here
(Source : Stream Cheap (Mini Macro Keyboard) by DaveM - Thingiverse)
and there for electronics and software on 5V Arduino Pro Micro
(Source : Building a DIY Stream Deck (Mini Macro Keyboard) - Parts Not Included)

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@PasTiGIN We have some details on custom projects from users here - https://www.instagram.com/onlykey.io/

Someone did make a design with physical buttons. However, physical buttons are not more “rigid / solid” its a physical part that can wear out or break while capacitive touch buttons do not.

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@t11 Yes, this is what I read everywhere when I google “how to replace the capacitive button with a mechanical button”: capacitive buttons have many advantages and are preferred by engineers. And it is clear that the only key could not be so thin and small with physical buttons. But I don’t know why, but I managed to “break” 2 buttons :frowning: They don’t work anymore. Maybe I pushed too hard instead of just touching them? I also find that the assembly of the only dongle on a usb stick the expansion port is not ideal: i need both hands to use it: one to hold the usb extension and / or the only key, and the other for " touching “the buttons. is looking for a way to” graft "mechanical buttons onto the single key: to retain the advantages of the on-board software and the protection offered by the device, while having an interface that is easier to handle, for example by a row of mechanical buttons at the foot of my monitor. The only article I have found talks about soldering a wire to the capacitive key, and grounding it to “turn it on”, but other articles seem to say that this is not that simple to simulate the capacitive action of a finger.

@PasTiGIN We haven’t had any cases of managing to break the buttons so that would be a first. Does the LED change at all when touching these broken buttons? For how to easily access OnlyKey on a workstation this works well for most people - Aluminum Alloy Clip-On USB Hub for for Monitor or Desk – OnlyKey

OnlyKey uses the analog data read when you touch the capacitive button to generate true random number, which is very important in security keys, so a physical keyboard may not be a good substitute. Check here for this.

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It uses multiple sources of entropy including temperature, touch readings, analog readings. Physical buttons would decrease the amount of entropy but not to a great extent as there is still some and there are still the other sources being constantly read in.

OK, that’s indeed a important argument for the capacitive buttons !
Will give it a new try.

I posted this last year on the google group, but I solved this using a smart phone gamepad set from amazon. its out of stock now but I’m sure you could find something simlar. I have been using it for about a year and a half now and it is great. I just mount it under my desk and flip a USB inline power switch when I leave the desk.

I can’t, for the life of me, find a replacement for those little buttons that came with the that OLEDA phone game pack.

This is what they look like outside of that case.

The large side of the brass button is 5.98mm and the small side is 3.5mm the brass part is 2.9mm in height and the rubbery bit is 9.4mm in diameter. the total height uncompressed is 4.15mm

Here are the design files for a 3d printed case that I just updated for this.

If anyone wants to spend ~$50 on these buttons I finally found some. Amazon.com: Mobile Triggers,Mobile Game Controller for PUBG Mobile,Fortnite Mobile Phone Gaming Triggers Sensitive Shoot and Aim Buttons Shooter Handgrip Compatible with Tablets & Phone(2 Pair) (Golden)
This kit comes with only 1 of the buttons I used.

I’ve also found another option that would require adusting the 3d model but it is parameterized so that shouldn’t be too hard, but it is out of stock.

Here is a clone of the original I posted but it is out of stock.

Here are other ones that are in stock but they are super expensive.

Look similar, maybe the source ?
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@ maxajysaf PasTiGIN
Now we just need a “maker” with a 3D printer to make this for us :slight_smile: