PIN - dual keyboard - choice

Hello all,
I am using OnlyKey for about few month and wonder if there is a chance
for entering PIN on pc keyboard instead on this on the key.

I know that keypad has it’s function, but it would little bit more comfortable to
be able to enter PIN on PC keyboard on trusted devices.

I can be more like an option disabled by default to enable using normal keyboard for the PIN.

This feature will be available with the new OnlyKey DUO - OnlyKey DUO - Portable Protection For All of Your Devices by Tim Steiner — Kickstarter

Comfort is the death of security.

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This phrase is too often overused.
The reality is more complex, but undoubtedly, comfort and safety exist in a rather specific relationship;)

This feature as mentioned will be on OnlyKey Duo and it is a standard to be honesty for most ov such keys.
Builtin keypad in OnlyKey is with no doubt a good thing.
I just think that this optional feature won’t be such big risk in the right hands

This could expose yubikey at keyloggers on your “trusted” system.

And that’s exactly why we/I use OnlyKeys and not Nitro’s. This PIN pad is the outstanding feature of the OnlyKey.
If you are an admin in a company, you may not want the users to be able to bypass the security features/rules.
Why don’t you just pledge an Only-Duo on Kickstarter? :roll_eyes:

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