Github Security Key (FIDO2 WebAuthn) Fails on Windows 10

Github allows one to set a 2FA security key on login, via WebAuthn according to the docs.
However this functionality does not work with OnlyKey;

OS: Windows 10 Education
Version: 10.0.19042 Build 19042
OnlyKey Firmware: Upgraded to v2.1.0 (the version on the “upgrade” page, retrieved today)

Here’s what happens:

  1. Github identifies the key.
    (At least it doesn’t launch any error messages that you get when you don’t have a key)
  2. Windows prompts me to touch the key.
  3. The OnlyKey LED flashes blue.
  4. I push any button on the OnlyKey.
  5. Github says: “This device cannot be recognized.”

I did enable 2FA for Github via SMS.
I am glad to provide more info.
Thanks in advance.

@Scorbie Have you been able to register any other FIDO2 security keys? We have not had any other reports of issues it may be a browser issue.

you happen to have screenshots?

Oops, you were right; It didn’t work on Firefox but works on MS Edge.
(This was my first FIDO2 security key, by the way.)

@My1 In case of future reference:

Thank you all for the help!

okay that’s an interesting error to say the least. I think I need to try some stuff with this and dig a little because this really makes me curious.

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