Adding HOTP as many enterprises are using Yubikey with HOTP


a lot of software for the enterprise market is still not ready to support FIDO2 yet, for example stuff like Cisco Anyconnect.
So there is lot of software that needs to be updated before enterprises can transition to the FIDO2 standard.

Is it possible that the HOTP generation will be included into OnlyKey firmware (at least for some years), so that some of the enterprises could enable their users to use OnlyKey?

Unfortunately, HOTP is considered to be insecure and it not recommended to be used. For this reason we do not support HOTP.

So you are officially stating, that you do not and will never support enterprises? In short, OnlyKey is not supposed to be used in a company with tens of thousands of employees?

I am officially stating we have no plans to support HOTP on OnlyKey. We currently support many enterprise implementations and I have not seen HOTP as a requirement for any enterprise client. I would advise using TOTP which is vastly more secure and not easily phishable like HOTP.