Add Private key in YUBICO

I’m trying to set Yubico.

I’ve got the Yubikey security info;
because it is explained in the guide.

The “Add private key” section,
is not indicated.

What values do we input in:

and what are the 3 checkboxes below?

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I didn’t see any “type” in there. As for slots in the Yubikey personalization tools, that’s for YubiKey.

What you need to write into OnlyKey are just 3 pieces of strings: Public Identity, Private Identity and Secret Key. And what you need additionally to let YubiCloud work is the serial number of a YubiKey, you will need it when uploading credentials to YubiCloud.

The “type” thing, is because it was confusing to see in the Advanced TAB,
the “Add private key”, which I suppose is for another function.