Start app minimised to system tray

Please could there be an option to auto start the app minimised to an icon in the system tray (or equivalent in non-Windows OSes). I’ve tried disabling autostart, but obviously then TOTP doesn’t work!

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Yes, this would be a good addtion to both Windows & Linux

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We did look into this awhile back, we were not able to find an easy way to do this in the current app. If any developers out there have experience creating a tray app feature that would be much appreciated.

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I have one thought about another way of doing it. The app could open, with a message saying “synchronising time” or something like that, then exit completely. Not as elegant as the system tray, but would be a vast improvement on what you’ve got at the moment.

The problem with that is that after the app closed if you were to remove and reinsert your OnlyKey it would no longer work because your app is now closed.

Oh, of course - I didn’t think of that.