Second Profile on OnlyKey Keypad

OnlyKey permits adding a second profile to store an additional 12 accounts (24 total). Set a 2nd Pin to access the 2nd profile. Second profile must be configured during initial setup and can´t be set up later. Could so far not find further info about 2nd profile and how to set it up, advice appreciated

Did you try and just set the second pin in the app while in config mode?

That worked for me

Hi, thank´s for the advice. Yes, I set the PIN for the 2nd profile but still don´t know how and where these 12 extra entries will be stored. Maybe You have a hint? It´s good with Forums but an additional mail-support (expert answers within 24hrs) would certainly be of great advantage - so far I miss this here … Regards crg

it depends which pin you enter.

there is a green and a blue profile.
if you can setup the 2nd profile if you selected plausible deniability in the initial setup, I don’t really know if you actually can create a proper profile.

Anyway I think it should be possible, after you have a verified backup to just reset the device and initialize it with 2 profiles.
In my experience the pin will persist, even if you replay the backup (it’s not bound to the backup)

Hi, thank´s for Your advice. Have set the PIN for the the 2nd Profile and the self destruction PIN but not tried to enter a 2nd Profile, might do it later. A serious issue is
the Lock Button PC in Preferenses: I set it to #5 & was locked out, 10x unlock PIN = factory reset → a new Set up & Preferences. Advice: set it to zero since no reset button exists. More convenient is a set = 0 for the Inactivity lockout timer as well