Office computer: no admin rights to install OnlyKey App

I have limited rights on my office computer to install apps such as the OnlyKey App. However, if the app is available on the Microsoft Store, my company office permissions allow for its installation from there.

I can also manage from the web application in the Google Chrome web navigator, so I do not need to have, but would be a “nice to have”

I’ve tried to bypass the limited office computer policies with various devices and tricks to no avail, and honestly a lot of admins disable the Microsoft store too.

Your best bet is just to ask your office admin to install it for security reasons, or better yet, use the chrome app version of onlykey for the time being.

I got a response from support. He says they will try to use zip insted of LZMA compression for the installer so I can write a self extracting script. Just use 7zip to extract the binary for now !

No admin installer:

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To follow-up here we released a portable version of the OnlyKey app here that should work without admin rights -

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