Key not received after a month, support not responsive


I ordered to the EU a month ago. I got a confirmation, a tracking number for the package with my key, but that stopped being recognized over a week ago. I wrote the order@ support email twice, but have gotten no response.

I checked the refund policy, but the case that the product doesn’t reach me is not covered there.

I understand that it can take some time for the package to reach me, but it is now 10 days beyond the estimated time and i have no trace of the package. Getting worried.

I paid money and I would like either to receive the product or have my money back. Is there a reliable way to reach the support? Do you know if there is a phone number?

Thanks for your help. is the support email you can also email me your order number and I will look it up to see what happened

Update: I got a refund today, which I am quite happy about. I got however no explanation why I was refunded or what happened to my original package. And currently, I can’t reorder either.

Overall, this experience was a bit sub-par so far.