Add TABs between URL & Username

Please write between square brackets [] the exact example of:
10 TABS after URL and username, and
3 TABS after URL and username.

Two spaces should be used between the \t identifiers.
For example, 10 Tabs: IFx0ICBcdCAgXHQgIFx0ICBcdCAgXHQgIFx0ICBcdCAgXHQgIFx0IA== (base 64 encoded).

@Misterix You can use to decode the answer @Extrawdw gave above.

To add a tab character to the fields, each tab is represented by the sequence " \t " (space + \ + t + space). That represents one tab, so if you need more than one, you need the same sequence of characters for each one; that includes the space characters, one to start, one to finish. So two tab characters next to each other, will have the ending space character of one tab next to the beginning space character of the next tab.

Just trying to “teach a man to fish” since it looks like you’ve got a couple posts asking how to create these combinations. Feel free to ask for more clarification, I’m not the best teacher out there lol.

thanks guys, but the pond seems to be empty; no fish.
I keep trying all the examples and it doesn’t work.

There should be a field that specifies the number of tabs!

By the way; how do you get off Config Mode, red flashing?