SSH RSA Derived Keys

I have an SSH service that doesn’t support ed25519 keys so I need to use RSA keys for this. Looking at the docs I can only see examples of SSH derived keys for nist256p1 and the default ed25519 so I assume key derivation isn’t supported with RSA keys? Just stored keys?


So, using RSA stored SSH key works fine for Linux machines but I’m connecting to a router (Linux based). I upload the and then when connecting get these errors:

sign_and_send_pubkey: signing failed for RSA "/tmp/trezor-ssh-pubkey-erkc7ey4" from agent: communication with agent failed myuser@'s password: 2021-05-17 16:09:26,537 WARNING error: 'OnlyKey' object has no attribute 'sighash' [] and;

AttributeError: 'OnlyKey' object has no attribute 'sighash'.

Loading the pub key to the router and using the normal Linux SSH client works fine.

Any ideas @t11 ? Also why does autoload add the priv key as slot 2 out of interest?