Problems setting up udev rules for TOTP (on Linux Mint)

Hi guys,

I’m using Linux Mint and as instructed in the User Manual I placed this file
in /etc/udev/rules.d

The rules in line 15-18 are working fine (the onlykey is working with the app and browser)
But the rules in line 31 and 32 are not working at all.
So I’m trying to run onlykey-cli settime command every time I plug in the key in the usb port.

I tried a few combinations so far unsuccessfully.

For example when I went:
whereis onlykey-cli turns out it wasn’t in /usr/local/bin/ but rather /home/user/.local/bin/

But even after correcting that it still won’t work.

I also tried removing the GROUP:=“onlykey” from the rule… didn’t help
I also tried editing the MODE:=“0660” to 0666… didn’t help

Do you have any other ideas??