How can I see my keys?

I tried 2FA on Microsoft website so many times, I finally gave up due to that BS, WHICH ACCOUNT login. I switch to FIDO which works perfectly, but I don’t see anywhere in the app where this information is stored. When I created the FIDO account on MS website, it had me press any button on the OnlyKey to see the device, then a second time and now it automatically logs me in when the key is plugged in, stellar! But again, I can’t see these keys anywhere listed in the device app. Where can I see them?

For using FIDO as 2FA, where you need your password and your security key to login there is typically nothing stored on your device, so nothing to see. For using FIDO for passwordless login (This is not used by many sites yet, this is called resident credentials) there are credentials stored on device that can be viewed in several ways. You can use the CLI to view these credentials OnlyKey Command-Line Utility | Docs

Thank you. I wanted to make sure there was a record of it someplace.